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front exterior shot of rhinebeck

Mirbeau Inn & Spa Rhinebeck

New York

Film & Photography Policy

Mirbeau Inn & Spa is a privately owned property and does not allow access to the grounds for professional photography without express prior permission.


Weddings & Special Events

For weddings and other special events held at the resort, photography and filming may be coordinated with your designated event manager at Mirbeau.

Personal Photo Shoots

Personal photo shoots are not permitted at the resort. Examples of personal photo shoots that are not allowed include engagements, family portraits, graduation, prom, homecoming, and other situations that may or may not include hiring a third party photographer. If a third party photographer indicates they have permission to access the resort “at any time,” this information is incorrect and this individual may be subject to removal or revocation. Exceptions to engagement photos may be made for couples who have confirmed their wedding plans at Mirbeau Inn & Spa. These arrangements are confirmed and approved by the couple's designated event manager.

Location Shoots

For location shoots for film or television productions, please contact the Sales Department via email.

Media Requests

For editorial requests and other journalistic needs such as articles for newspaper or magazines, digital media (including blogs), television or radio, please contact

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